Chaparral 101

Are you new to Chaparral?  Are you a nervous kindergarten parent?  Have you been here before, but still not sure of what’s going on?  Have questions about how things work at Chaparral when it rains?  When your child is sick?  Want to know the “lingo” and traditions of being a Champion?  If so, this class is for YOU!

What: A class designed for the new Chaparral parents who may be overwhelmed, excited and full of questions.

Why: Because we’ve been there too!  The PTA wants to make your adjustment into our school a smooth and easy one.

Who: Mrs. Schaefer will share the “ins and outs” of Chaparral.  She will explain commonly used Chaparral lingo, introduce you to some procedures you should know about, give you a taste of what’s to                                 come, tell you about ways to get involved if you choose to do so, and we’ll answer those pressing questions you have.

When: Monday, August 28th from 6:00 – 6:45 p.m.

Where: Chaparral Hall of Fame (that’s the big room at Chaparral where we hold lots of events.  You’ll see the open doors as you walk from the parking lot!)