The N.E.D. Show

THE NED SHOW Character Education Assembly

Last Wednesday, we had The NED Show assembly at Chaparral. It is a character education program that uses storytelling, magic, humor, and yo-yo tricks to teach three messages: Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best.  The assemblies were brought to the school through a Pay-It-Forward sale.  By purchasing a NED item, we help send the assembly to another school.  Please see the flyer that was sent home for more information.  If you are purchasing an item, please make checks payable to Chaparral PTA.  Although the PTA is helping to facilitate the sales of yo-yos, this is not a PTA fundraiser.  All funds will go directly to NED to pay for another school’s assembly.  We will have a designated area on the playground for students to practice their yo-yo skills from Friday, 2/23 – Friday, 3/2.

*We had a busy couple of days with our yo-yo sales.  The Boomerang yo-yos are expected to arrive on Tuesday.  Sorry for the delay.  Please send in the orders and we will distribute the items when available.  Last day for orders is Wednesday, 2/28.  Thank you for your purchases!

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