Welcome Back

We are very excited to see all of our Champions on Tuesday morning. As a friendly reminder, dismissal times vary the first few days of school. Please see the schedule below. Our teachers will meet students on the blacktop Tuesday morning for their first day of school. Please look for the music stand with the teacher’s name and room number information. We are looking forward to another amazing year at Chaparral!

* Check your Parent Portal after 3:00 pm on Monday for teacher assignments.

* If your child is bringing school supplies, please mark his/her name on the outside of the bag.

* We will be having morning ceremony on the blacktop everyday starting at 8:00 am. Locate your teacher’s name and line up with your new classmates.

* The first bell rings at 7:58 am to get the students ready for morning ceremony to begin promptly at 8:00 am.

*Morning Ceremony Norms: Parents, please stand back behind the classes near the handball courts or on the sides away from the building. This will allow the classes to enter the building right after flag ceremony ends. Please stand quietly during the ceremony, so everyone is able to hear.

* Please plan to walk. If you are driving, arrive early to get a parking spot.

* Please do not park along the curb closest to the school on Second Street (this is our drop off zone) or in any red zones.

* If you are dropping your child off and not parking, please remember to pull up as far as you can along the curb. After you drop off, continue to pull forward so we can accommodate more cars. Please do not block crosswalks or make a U-turn on Second Street.

* Please use the crosswalks to cross the street and parking lot.

* Please be sure your child knows how they are getting home and where to meet you. The safest place to meet your child is in in our valet pick-up area in the parking lot.

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