Hi Parents! Our Scholastic Fall Book Fair “Arctic Adventure” is coming soon! We are in need of volunteers to help decorate, setup, work shifts, and break down this year. Please sign up for a time slot, using the link below, if you are available.

Please refer to the schedule below for class visitations. Should you have any questions, please contact our book fair chairperson, Monica Manlapaz at Thank you!


Monday, September 9th

8:30-9:10          Mrs. Miranda

9:15-9:50          Ms. Bartik

10:20-11:00      Mrs. Brooks

11:10-11:50      Mr. Gray

12:00-12:30      Mrs. Hodges

12:40-1:20        Mrs. Burns

1:25-2:00          Mrs. Melo


Tuesday, September 10th

8:30-9:10          Ms. Capozzi

9:15-9:50          Mrs. Wilcox

9:50-10:20        Mrs. Metodiev

10:20-11:00      Reney/Griffin

11:10-11:50      Ms. Garlick

12:00-12:30      Mrs. Adams

1:25-2:00           Mrs. Russell


Wednesday, September 11th

8:30-9:10          Mrs. Dorr

9:15-9:50          Ms. Cameron

9:50-10:20        Mrs. Procter

10:20-11:00      Mrs Eusey


Thursday, September 12th

9:15-9:50         Ms. Millat

9:50-10:20       Mrs. Dembiec

10:20-11:00     Mrs. Rizkallah

11:40-12:00     Mrs. Laszewski

12:00-12:30     Mrs. Farnham

12:40-1:20       Mrs. Dragovich

1:25-2:00         Mrs. Clarke


Friday, September 13th

8:30-9:10        Mr. Perry

9:50-10:20      Ms. Beneventi

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