Online Learning for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

When and How will Online Learning Begin?

We will begin the school year online using  Canvas and Zoom as the platforms to teach our students. We recognize that there is no replacement for the instruction teachers provide in person everyday and online learning is going to look different. Our teachers are working hard to utilize this new platforms and they are excited about the opportunities online learning will provide.

What If My Child Needs a Chromebook and/or Internet Access?

If your child still needs a chromebook  to access online learning please come to the school front office to fill out a waiver form and you will receive a chromebook and a charger.  Our school office hours are 7:30 a.m.-3:00p.m.


Students will be viewing announcements from Mrs. Schaefer  at the beginning of their instruction time. The students will be with their teacher at their schedule times for  A and B group cohorts. Parents can view the announcements at Chaparral Elementary School Instagram page or Twitter.

Home Schedule & Support Tips

We realize that this is a new norm that we are all adjusting to. We are asking for your support in providing structure at home that facilitates time for learning. Here are some suggested expectations to support you:

  • Create a daily schedule that designates time for learning.
  • Establish a learning space at home in a location free from distraction.
  • Include breaks and snacks as well as time for check-in about their level of stress/emotional health.
  • Have conversations about what they are learning and feedback on how it’s going.
  • PE is being included in the lessons – this is a great time for students to get their wiggles out.

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