1st Annual Read-a-thon is here!

Chaparral is very excited to have our Champion readers participate in our 1st Annual Read-a-thon. This event raises money to provide for many programs such as Art Masters, Family Fun Nights as well as technology, supplies and so much more! Chaparral would love 100 percent participation in this fundraiser! Attach is the flyer for information for registration and for prizes! If you have any questions, please email Jennifer Popov at thepopovs@cox.net.

Here is the link to register your student.

Welcome Back Champions

Exciting news this week as we begin the process of in person instruction on campus. The staff have worked hard to prepare for new procedures and policies to open up safely. A few reminders to help you have a wonderful experience back. Please make sure you follow all safety and social guidelines such as wearing a mask and staying 6 feet apart. It is important for parents to stay in the “SEE YA LATER” zones while your child walks onto campus for arrival and dismissal. HAVE A WONDERFUL FIRST WEEK BACK!

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