Spring Book Fair

We are so excited for our Spring Book Fair that is just around the corner! Your children will be visiting the Book Fair with their classes during the week of March 9th-13th. Book Fair Class Visitation Schedule Monday, March 9 8:45-9:15    Miranda 9:15-9:50    Bartik 9:55-10:20   Gray 10:20-10:50  Brooks 10:55-11:25  Millat 12:40-1:20   Hodges 1:25-2:00    Schofield Tuesday, March 10 8:30-9:10    Capozzi 9:15-9:50    Wilcox 9:55-10:20   Metodiev 10:20-10:50  Russell 10:55-11:25  Reney/Griffin… Continue reading Spring Book Fair