Health & Safety

Red Ribbon Week

“Celebrate Life, Live Drug Free.”

Red Ribbon Week is celebrated to teach how we can work together as a community to promote a healthy lifestyle. We will work together as a school to keep our children safe and promote a healthy. Red Ribbon Week will be filled with FUN daily activities to celebrate those healthy choices along with guest speakers and more! Stay tuned for details in your Champion folders. If you have any questions, please contact Emily Gantes.

Fast Feet Friday

Champion Students, come join us every Friday (weather permitting) at first recess to run the mile starting Monday, September 16th. For every 6 laps your student runs they will receive a special token to add to their silver chain necklace throughout their years at Chaparral! Every student will receive a necklace in their Champion folders each year. If you are interested in helping mark laps each Friday morning, please contact Kristi Echelmeier. We love to see our Champions exercising and having fun!

*only 1 necklace per student, no replacement for lost necklaces.